Think Positive

A positive person always hopes for happiness, health, and success and believes that he can overcome all difficulties.

Think Positive

Positive thinking is a way of life.

Positive thinking focuses on the good side of life and expects positive results from it.

A positive person always hopes for happiness, health, and success and believes that he can overcome all difficulties.

Positive thinking is not acceptable and follows by everyone. Some also consider it as nonsense and laugh at those who follow it. However, there are also some people who believe in positive thinking.

A positive attitude should be adopted in everything you do.

How Positive Thinking Works? 

The following story shows the power of positive thinking:

Ajay was a candidate for a new job, but he did not believe he was going to get the job because his self-esteem was low, and he considered himself unsuccessful.

He felt that the other candidates were better and deserving than him.

The entire week before the job interview, Ajay's mind was captured with negative thoughts and apprehensions about this job. In fact, he was anticipating his failure.

He woke up late on the day of his interview and the horror revealed that the shirt he was considered to wear was dirty, and the other one needed ironing. As it was already too late, he left the house wearing a dirty shirt and having no breakfast.

During the interview, he was stressed. All this made it difficult for him to concentrate on the interview. His general behavior made a bad impression on the interviewer, as a result, he was not selected for the job.

On the other hand, Rachna was also a candidate for the same job, but she was confident that she would get the job. On the day of the interview, she woke up early and had enough time to eat breakfast, and when she arrived for the interview before the scheduled time.

In the interview, she made a good impression on the interviewer and gets the job.

What did we learn from these two stories?

With a positive attitude, we experience pleasant feelings. It brings more energy and happiness to us. Our entire existence spreads happiness and success. Positive thinking also affects our health in a beneficial way.

People are always ready to help those who think positively, and they dislike those who give up and think negatively. The power of positive thinking inspires others in some form.

However, when the mind is negative, it spreads throughout the body, which causes even more sorrow, negativity, fear of failure, and frustration.

Suggestions for Positive Thinking

In order to think positive, inner work is required, because it is not possible to change attitude and thoughts overnight.

Think about its benefits and convince yourself to try it. There is a lot of power in your thinking which still shapes your life. However, this shaping is usually done inadvertently, but it is possible to make the process-aware. Even if the idea sounds strange to you, try it out. You have nothing to lose, but everything has been won.

Use positive words whenever you talk with someone.

Smile a little, because it helps to think positively.

Ignore what other people think about you.

Only use your imagination to imagine favorable and beneficial situations.

Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, try to replace it with a positive thought. 

If you are having difficulty in replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, then try to think about good and happy thoughts in your mind. 

You will change the way you think if you persevere. However, changes may take some time to happen, but eventually, you will get their benefits. 

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of MakeBetterLife.)