Being in an era of early divorces, it's an inevitable matter to learn to rebuild trust as its breaching is the main factor behind broken relationships.

One may find unable to stay in a relationship even if they love each other.

The main factor behind it is a feeling of untrust between them.

By the by you should also know that the word 'TRUST" not only denotes cheating but also many other factors that imply untrustworthiness in a relationship like the following:

  • Not being open to each other
  • Listening passively 
  • Not maintaining eye contact
  • Doubtful 
  • Controlling partner
  • Breaking promises so often
  • Not giving personal spaces
  • Unavailability in times of need, etc.

The list goes on...

But to rebuild a relationship, first of all, you should decide whether you need to stay in the relationship or not.

Staying back without love won't make it a peaceful one. Love is the ultimate tool that could be used to rebuild trust and make your relationship a forever one.

Let's look at the ways we could handle trust issues:


Acknowledging your mistakes, admitting them, and figuring out what you could do about them is the first step.

Being open to each other makes it easier to believe that your partner too needs to stay in this relationship.

Be compassionate to each other even while talking bullshits. Compassion can bring up a feeling of care within you.

And also trying to resolve conflicts maturely and healthily makes the bond stronger than ever.


Physical intimacy not only means having sex but rather being more intimate physically. Even a touch with love could be considered as physical intimacy. Kisses and hugs are the best examples of it. 

{Nb: Sometimes a tight hug would be all you need}


Respect is of two types, one is because of fear and the other because of love. The latter should be what we have.

Respecting them doesn't mean that you should do whatever they say you to do,\ or saying yes to all of their opinions. It's a process where you get to know each other's preferences and not trying to change the other one.

Respecting your partner is having faith in them whatever they are doing or whoever they are with.

It's the ' You are mine and nothing's gonna change that' version of love.


There's a difference between jealousy and possessiveness.

In a relationship, you should be possessive. But being jealous of each other may take you out of your relationship.

For example, having faith in them regardless of who they spend time with shows that you believe them.

Celebrating each other's success without being jealous is also another important factor. Success not only means a promotion or any victory. The milestones that your partner achieve in personal or professional life also should be celebrated. It will make them feel known.

Remember, be possessive, not jealous!


Let them be who they are meant to be. Let them have their own personal spaces. Let them take time.

Dominating or controlling your partner in fear of losing them will only make that process faster.

And please, don't be a freedom provider. They don't require someone who cages it and then gives it back. They have the right to live their life the way they like. Be the one who reminds them that they don't require anyone's permission to live life their own way. 


Do this only if you really feel that way.

Actions speak louder than words.


Listen to them, learn to differentiate between their needs and wants. Consider them in every decision that will affect you both. Asking their opinions will make them feel more cared for. That will also help both of you to rely on each other without being dependent on each other.


After you, it should be your partner whom you should prioritize.

Remember, only after YOU!

(To love someone without loving yourself will get you in trouble.

It may even lead you to depression)

Be there for them when they need you. This not only includes when they ask for you but also in situations when they don't even ask you. To know how and when to be there, just be reliable and available for them.


If broken promises are the villain, then don't promise!!

That's much better than giving them false hopes. Say the truth. Let them understand the situation. Let them understand YOU. Say to them that you need time. Don't worry, they will still stay if they are meant to be.

Once you promise something, Be the promise. Live for it. Be it. Words when kept true will help you build trust faster.

And LOVE. Love them unconditionally. There's no one in this world that couldn't be changed with love. Give them the love they need. Not the one you need.

At last but not least, as a wise man told once,

"Love is something that cannot and should not be controlled"

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of MakeBetterLife)