How Art Therapy Is Helpful For Stress Management

How Art Therapy Is Helpful For Stress Management


What is ‘Art Therapy’ is a big question for everyone. Many people even don’t know about the therapy. It is a type of psychological therapy with art. 

You don’t need to be talented for this therapy instead you can be an artist of your own mental health. 

Art therapy can turn your mental illness into art or we can say, you can draw all thoughts on paper.

Adrian Hill, a British artist first coined the term ‘Art Therapy’.


Until 1940 there was no concept about ‘Art Therapy’. After introducing the term by Adrian Hill people even doctors and psychologists started thinking about this therapy. 

Many psychologists even experienced that a patient can explain their situation through art more than communication. ‘Margaret Naumburg’ was called ‘Mother of Art Therapy’ in the early 20th century.

  • How Art Therapy Works?

It seems like art therapy does not need any type of expert but certified art therapists do exist. Many people who are dealing with mental conditions take art therapy. 

Art therapy is not only about drawing landscapes or portraits. There are many techniques apply in art therapy.

  1. Drawing – by drawing landscapes and portraits.
  2. Doodling- this is especially based on drawing cartoons, geometric shapes, etc.
  3. Sculpting- by making sculptures
  4. Curving- by curving of soaps, chalks, pots, etc
  5. Paperwork- by making different thing by papers
  6. Quilling- by making paper quilling stuff.
  7. Knitting – woolen knotting.
  8. Wall painting- some people experts in wall painting and some do it for their passion.

  • Benefits:-

This is clinically proven that ‘Art Therapy’ really deals with many severe mental health problems. But it is more effective in minor cases. The benefits are:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Depression
  3. Stress
  4. Low self-confidence
  5. Self-doubt
  6. Give up on suicidal thought
  7. Give patience
  8. More open-minded
  9. Give positive vibes
  10. Remove all negative energy

  • Limitations:-

Many researchers said that ‘Art Therapy’ has many types of limitations. But still, it is not proven properly as we need more research on that. But some severe cases of mental health cannot be treated by art therapy. For that, we need medication help and counseling. 

There are no proper limitations for this particular therapy.

  • Where ‘Art Therapy’ is most popular?

Art therapy is most popular in East Asia and North America. Many associations are created by their government.

Asian art therapy associations are:

  1. Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HKAAT) was established in 2002.
  2. Taiwan Art Therapy Association (TATA) established in 2004
  3. Art Therapists’ Association Singapore
  4. Korean Art Therapy Association

North American art therapy associations are:

  1. American Art Therapy Association (AATA)
  2. National Coalition of Creative Art Therapies Association (NCCATA)
  3. Association of Art Therapies in Quebec (AATQ)
  4. Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA)
  5. Ontario Art Therapy Association (OATA)
  6. British Columbia Art Therapy Association (BCATA)

  • Most 3 effective art therapies to relief from stress:-

For stress the most 3 effective ways of art therapy are mentioned below:

  • Maintaining a dream journal: carrying a journal is the easiest way to relieve stress. In this journal just try to draw what you are dreaming about when you are stressed. It will help you to improve your stress management skill.

  • Coloring: try to color on something. It is not necessary to color a color book even if you can color a glass jar too. Coloring a Mandala or an outline figure can improve your mood and patience which adjacently improve your stress management skill.
  • Draw whatever you feel:  this seems strange but drawing or painting about what you feel is a great way to deal with stress. According to what you feel, your drawing patterns and colors will change.

  • What is Stress?

Scientifically and Psychologically stress is defined as a change of mental and physical state of a person due to change in their regular routine, work pressure, family problems, relationship issues, problems in education life, and most importantly financial problems.

The definition of stress can’t be described in a few sentences. It is a major mental and social problem all over the world. 

  • What did Researchers reveal About Stress?

Stress on students - According to the researchers of the department of psychology at the Christ University of Bangalore, more than 50% of the students come under the category of having average to high-stress levels all over India. The most common reason for stress is due to the fear of failure in the exam and the age of the students ranges between 19 to 22 years.   The level of stress is again studied in different streams. They took 4 common streams which are management, commerce, science, and humanity. Among them, students of commerce stream are suffering in high-level stress in comparison to students of management stream and students of science stream. It can be seen that the Humanities stream has reported the least academic stress in comparison to the others. High-stress levels are also reported among medical students and engineering students.

Stress on middle-aged persons- According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), the result of stress in a middle aged person is more dangerous than students. For the study researchers collected data of almost 1500 middle-aged people from 1990 and almost 500 different individuals from 2010. The purpose of this study was to compare the stress level and reason of stress in 2 different decades. After analyzing the data they found that the middle-aged people in 2010 are suffering more from stress and having low well-being than the middle-aged people in 1990. In 2010 the stress because of finance is 27%. Another interesting fact is, the reasons for stress in the past and now have the same parameters like- their health, future plans, and irregular lifestyle. But according to the experts, since 2010 the stress level is speeding up only because of the new advanced technologies.