7 tips and tricks: How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

7 tips and tricks: How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Have you ever thought that will your long-distance relationship work or not?

Or thought about how to make him or her feel special in a long-distance relationship?

Or about how do you maintain a long-distance relationship?

Come on everybody,

Let's look at some survival tips for a long-distance relationship.

Find Time

However busy you are or whatever your daily schedule may be, do find time to be with your beloved.

You don't have to be available 24/7 to sustain your relationship. Instead, adjust your leisure time according to each other's time zone.

Even if you don't send them Good morning or Good night messages like taking tablets, twice a day, do message them.

It doesn't need to be explanatory. You could also make a quick call. Anyway, just let them know that you had thought about him/her at least once a day. Whatever hectic your day might be, do it.!

No excuses.

And if somehow you still missed it, do inform them about the reasons.

They have the right to know it.

Do Share About Your Day

Share your feelings in a way that they know that you care about them.

Mix up your sense of humor while talking.

But try your best to not hurt them while expressing. Even a small gesture could hurt a lot especially when you are not together.

(And even a small act of love would make their day brighter too)

Words do speak much volume when you are more than a touch away.

Them about how your day was, or about that crazy incident that happened today, or anything that comes to your mind.

And most importantly, ask them. Enquire about their day. That would make them feel that their wellness is one of your priorities.

And priorities are what that matters.


Help them To Be a Better Person

Be that helping hand when they need to find themselves.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so are we. Being someone who loves to help your partner to be a better person makes you a better person.

You may criticize, but be positive.

Make sure that you are not a negative criticizer nor a complainer. Support them throughout the process of evolving.

Nb: Keep in mind that only those who are willing to help have the right to criticize anyone.

Make them Feel Wanted

The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather the feeling of being unwanted.- Mother Teresa

This is one of the dangerous feelings in the world. It could both save a person's life or risk it in its absence. Most of the relationship, be it short/long distance, breaks due to ignorance towards the partner.

So let them know that you need them in your life. Let them know that you crave their presence. Let them know that they are loved. Let them know that they are heard. 

Make them feel wanted and thus save your so-called long-lasting long-distance relationship.

Also, try to bring up some crazy romantic ideas to enlighten both of you.

(It could really help you to fuel up the sexual tension between you two to something excited)

Be Dependable

Dependability doesn't mean that you should be dependent on the other person or that your partner should be dependent on you.

No, it's not.!

It's the art of being available in times of need even when you're far away.

Be that one person whom your partner could lean on in any circumstances. One whom that your partner could rely on. One who would stay whatever the situation may be.

Be that one.

Be Sincere

 Be Honest and open to your partner about your relationship. Tell them who they are to you. Confess to them about how you picture them with you in your future. Sincerity is the best policy when it comes to any relationship, be it a short or long-distance relationship. 

The other two main factors which will help you to build a secured relationship are to practice loyalty and turning promises into commitments.

Be Each Other's Best Friend

Being each other best friend can be compared to being each other's dresses. They keep your flaws untouched, unrevealed.

Best friends help each other to solve problems considering them as their own issues.

Another strength of being each other's best friends is that you don't argue, but discuss. So, discuss the issues between you both and remember, don't argue.!

Arguing won't bring up a solution but discussing do.

That would be enough to let go of the grudges you have.

Try to accept each other's flaws and when your partner makes a mistake, accept it, help them make it right & move on.

At last but not least, a confidential secret ;), that will help both of you to be more understanding about each other and lead a more peaceful & content life:

Nobody in this universe is perfect.

Swallow that completely.

NOBODY is perfect.!

Neither you nor your partner.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of MakeBetterLife)