12 Ways to think Positive

A useful perspective on how limiting beliefs can be changed so that a person has a positive, healthy attitude towards life.

12 Ways to think Positive
Think Positive

Now that we know what the distorted ways of thinking are, we must know the correct ways of thinking-which inculcate a positive attitude and make one's life happier, stress-free, more productive, and successful. A useful perspective on how limiting beliefs can be changed so that a person has a positive, healthy attitude towards life.

Each Person is Unique; The Map is Not the Territory

What you think of the situation is not the only way to look at it, your map of the world is not the entire world, it's just one part of it. Also, if something works for you, doesn't mean it will work for everyone. This thought pattern helps avoid the tendency to overgeneralize.

Everyone Makes the Best Choices Available to Them at the Time They Make Them

If a person has made a good decision, and it turned unfavorable later in time, he need not blame himself because at that moment, he did make the best choice as per his knowledge and experience.

So there should be no feeling of remorse. Similarly, one must understand this for others, and not blame them. This presupposition takes away the cognitive distortion of should, must.

See Failures as Feedbacks

If you are not able to achieve the desired outcome, it only means that there was a flaw in the planning/strategizing/execution. It does not indicate that you have failed. Therefore, find out what needs to be done differently, and learn from this experience.

Behind Every Behavior is a Positive Intention

Every behavior of a person has a positive intention, even if the person is not consciously aware of this intention. A father may beat his son horribly, but he has a positive intention, even if the behavior may not be appropriate.

Once the positive intention is discovered, alternative ways of achieving the result can be worked out.

Everyone is Different, so is their Ability to Understand

People perceive differently, therefore, what you say may not be perceived in the same manner. It may be completely different. This presupposition helps to avoid assumptions regarding what people understand.

Every Problem has a Solution

No matter how grave a situation is, there is always a way out. One can discover many possibilities if one is open to new ideas and if one is hopeful.

Set Free/Rediscover Your Energy

Our personal well of energy is always full, it only depends on how much you are able to draw from it. We are born with qualities like faith, love, hope, confidence, motivation, and happiness (nobody teaches these qualities to an infant, they are already there). So we can always tap into our resources, and create an endless supply for ourselves.

Be Flexible

Flexibility always opens up more choices and more options, without flexibility one would tend to be extremely rigid, thus delaying success. A person flexible in thought and behavior can perform well in harsh conditions, will have amazing adaptability, and will somehow find his way out in difficult situations.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

One must not assume that a tired mind could nourish a healthy body, or an unhealthy body could house a brilliant mind. The mind and body are always influencing each other, so you need to understand their signals when they need nourishment and take care of your mind and body. Also, how you treat your mind will greatly determine how your body functions.

For example- if you tell yourself "I am so hopeless, I will not be able to do anything

good" you will find yourself lethargic and sleepy all day; if you tell yourself "I am a horrible person, 1 deserve to be punished" you will be in pain, and if you tell yourself "I feel amazing today, I am going to do so good in my interview" you will feel positive, and energized.

You are What YOU Think!/You are Responsible for YOUR Thoughts

Now that you know the cognitive distortions, it is clear that our ways of thinking, healthy or unhealthy, influence how we obtain knowledge, these shape our experiences, and these experiences create our memory. Even our imagination, which uses parts of our experiences and our thoughts, are shaped by them. Hence, a man is what he thinks! And therefore, if thoughts can be changed- memory, imagination, and perception can all be changed.

What we Recognize in Others Mirrors the Structures We Hold Within Ourselves.

If a person triggers negative behavior from your side, remember, the negativity inside you is being triggered. It is always important to introspect within.

Nothing is Impossible

It means that it is never impossible to achieve what has already been achieved. If it can be done by one person, it can be done by others as well. It means that you need to understand the thought and behavior patterns of successful people and ingrain them in your life so that you follow the same path of success.